Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nike just did it!

They did it yet again. While Adidas is the official partner and have spent in the region of 100 million pounds over the last 4 years on Olympics marketing, Nike hijacked the show!  Their 'find your greatness' campaign captures the spirit of Olympics without mentioning the word or any other related word!

Since the beginning of the Olympics last week, 'Find your greatness' landed at No.1 on the viral chart with 4.5 million views while the official sponsor's 'Take the stage' campaign ranks # 3 with 2.9 million views!

Just to refresh your minds, they had done the same thing at the world cup a couple of years ago with their 'write the future' campaign. It will be interesting to watch what Adidas might do at the Rio Olympics in 2016 where, if the rumour mills are to be believed, Nike will be the official sponsor.

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