Sunday, 5 August 2012

Marketing fundas practiced by Kantaben

So if the internet and the glitzy malls have made you come to expect a lot more from your service providers, in suburban Mumbai, the hub of entrepreneurial spirit -   the local vendors have adapted this better than any big brand in the country.

With just a mobile phone by her side, my local vegetable vendor, Kanta, is practicing brand building, lead generation, swift transactions and even enviable customer relationship management! 

Kid you not, the ingenious lady has built a strong network of friends among the neighbourhood building security guards who casually let the residents know about the extent to which she goes to ensure she only sells the freshest vegetables that too delivered at your doorstep!

Once she rings your doorbell, she is not hesitant to ask for contacts of your friends who could use her service and bingo - leads generated, goes on to make the next necessary call!

She is willing to give you gossip about the neighbourhood, pass on numbers of other important service providers such as the fruit vendor and even a good plumber. God forbid, if you find yourself without a house hold help, she can even organize one. This is one relationship you will not easily give up on, even if she charges a little extra, will you?!

While she goes off to deliver vegetables and build new business leads, her husband mans the little stall they run at the end of the lane.

All this and a little more with no education but with just survival instinct and unshakable faith in god.

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