Tuesday, 7 August 2012

With the explosion of mobile usage, it isn’t business as usual.

Mobile phones are slowly becoming a shopaholic’s favourite conduit.  This convenience packed smart little gadget is helping shoppers across the world enjoy a completely novel shopping experience.  

Mobile is fuelling the ‘consultative shopping’ behaviour.  
When shopping offline, shoppers are using their phones to seek peer set’s / user opinion, compare price with other sites and stores and also quickly read a review before a purchase.  

Making payments even for an offline purchase  
With offerings like Airtel Money and Google wallet, it’s a matter of time when people will prefer to lose their wallet to their mobile phones not only for online purchases but for the off lines ones as well. 

Most deals and discounts reach people through their mobiles
With increasing use of smart phones, most mails are read on phones and mails regarding discounts are availed by jabbing a few buttons. Additionally there are those which are received through text messages. These do act as magnets for purchase, mostly through the mobile, making it an important channel. 

With the mobile phones increasingly gaining a centre stage among shoppers, seems like a matter of time when M Commerce will shoot past E Commerce. Are marketers gearing up their mobile strategy to ride the impending wave?

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