Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Dating Apps

Technology is fundamentally changing the nature of relationships all over the world. The online dating industry is a 
$2 billion powerhouse growing at a rapid speed, fuelled by dating apps such as Tinder, Truly Madly and OkCupid.
A study by Pew Research Centre says that people’s attitude towards online dating is on an upswing. Only a minority view online dating skeptically.

Those out to play the mating game love these virtual toys as the location based mobile apps virtually put every single person within a certain geography at their finger tips. Come on, regardless of one’s relationship status, who wouldn’t want to know all the eligible hunks and sexy sirens in the neighbourhood?

Influenced by the growing chatter on the Internet I downloaded one of these heaven sent marvel to satisfy my curiosity and was absolutely gobsmacked by the ease and simplicity with which one can choose a potential mate. Based on the principles of gaming, these apps have been designed to keep people hooked on for hours. They provide a high to the users as the brain releases dopamine - a kick ass chemicals in the brain that makes one feel happy every time there is a positive affirmation. Not to forget the reward - opportunity to have at least one casual encounter for every mindless minute spent.  

Call me archaic if you will, but I am not a huge fan of these apps. I think these are just temporary entertainment of mindless and superficial date selection. I just can’t get my head around to the fact that why would anyone want to be a thumb swept sexual conquest? (Sorry, but that’s what it finally boils down to.) I have grown up believing that fun of the hunt is in the chase. The instant gratification of a right swipe, bereft of any emotional intimacy leaves me cold.  

Fans of these apps rave about the 'huge opportunity' of meeting people who they would like to casually hook up with / date/ get into a relationship with. But my humble point to those blocks is that an ‘opportunity’ is supposed to be exciting because its rare. With options aplenty, is it really an opportunity?  

Regardless of how I feel about it, in this techno-sexual era, mobile app based casual hook up is a part of mainstream culture and is here to stay. I should just accept it, wear my marketing hat and get busy thinking of ways to leverage this 'huge opportunity' for my brands.  

Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Age Recruitment

Rather uncharacteristically, I am watching the IPL auction in progress. As the process unfolds, it  triggers a thought.

This is 2016. Most people who are really good at their work, no longer want to work for an organisation. 24 year olds today prefer to throw caution in the wind and either freelance or set up their own companies to offer some crazy service or product. Some succeed. But those who don't,  seldom hesitate to start all over again. But none of them ever want to join a regular workforce if they can help it as they consider a regular 10 to 6 job a compromise choice.

While I salute the hungry go-getters, as a manager, I worry. A year or two down the line where will we get good talent who make all the difference?  Perhaps, the corporate world too will have to bid for talent in an auction on a project to project basis. Alternately, we will have to let our best talents take leave for three months to work on a project of their choice in any company who will 'buy' them for the season.

Will  #JobAuctions become the  next new age recruitment policy? #PointToPonder