Friday, 24 May 2013

Why television shows need to get social

Viacom unveiled the results of ‘When Networks Network’: TV Gets Social’ – a multi country study investigating the relationship between TV ad social media usage. The report uncovered not only what drives viewers to social media but also how their social media activity impacts viewing behavior.

A few interesting finding from the report as reported in Advanced Television:

Social media is replacing TV Guides.
The main reason for people to interact with a network on social media is to get more information about the shows they watch.  
·      44%: stay informed about air dates and times
·      45%: Keep up with the latest show news
·      37%: access exclusive show information
·      36%: view videos of the shows
·      36% : get plot clues

Desire to be a part of the community
Communal factors are the second most common reason for engagement 
·      34%: brand themselves and share taste
·      28%:connect with the show
·      28%: connect with other fans

After ‘liking’ or ‘following’ a show, viewers are 75% more likely to watch that show.

Gaming or interacting with the show through games is also popular
Social media games help drive viewership with around 30% of respondents having gamed before ever watching a show. About half of them reported watching a show more due to the show’s social media game. Game shows, comedy, reality shows come in as the top genre for gaming.

Popular show discovery source
Social media ranked third as a source of show discovery, behind promos and  word of mouth.
70% respondents were likely to watch the live debut of a show that was discovered on social media vs 48% if it was discovered elsewhere.

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