Sunday, 13 March 2016

There is suddenly a tsunami of wrists around me with bands around them literally screaming " I am a health conscious freak". Funnily I notice these bands less often in the gym and more often at pubs when the wearer holds up his beer mug to his mouth. That led me to wonder why do people really wear these? Do they really look into the data that these devices are generating? Are they really making lifestyle changes basis their analysis of the data?

I spoke to a couple of people who wear these bands religiously and presenting the 2 most interesting quotes which encapsulates what almost everyone else had to say : 

"My wife gave me this band. Looks cool, doesn't it? Since now I see the time on my mobile and I don't need to wear a watch, I decided to wear this cool piece of tech around my wrists." 

"Yup I do go through the data. I ensure I do the 10K steps I am supposed to do. It allows me the extra beer in the evening." 

Interesting to know that these gadgets are at worst props to make people look cool to at best being a permission device that allows an extra drink in the evening because you have been good all day. 

What a waste! I wonder why aren't health insurance companies jumping in at the opportunity and linking the data to the cost of insurance premiums or health apps using it to signal an impending heart attack? 

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