Thursday, 5 December 2013

Don't party without Mixhibit

Restrictive marketing rules often force alcohol brands to be more creative than any other category. Digital medium has fuelled the creativity further and Mixhibit is the latest example of that.

Based on popular behaviour of archiving every fun moment had at a party on social media, Smirnoff has launched an app which collates information from all popular social media platforms to recreate the complete experience of the event in video format.

The user has to provide friends’ names and online identities to the app. The app pulls data from their social streams and creates a video. To pep up the video, the app provides a choice of 10,000 songs which can be used as the background track. This video can be shared across social platforms.

Party photographs and status updates are passé. The groundbreaking app is the first of its kind to enable collaborative storytelling by pulling content from both users and their friends’ social networks, creating an easy way for revelers to relive shared experiences.

Well, Vodka does grease the wheels of creativity!       

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