Saturday, 28 July 2012

Looking good in the digital age

Read this interesting article about how people are increasingly becoming conscious of their looks and some of it, well, a lot of it is also fueled by our increasing connectivity. This interestingly is called the 'Facebook effect'. The more one gets involved with the various image heavy platforms - more people become obsessed with their appearances. The article pointed at the fact that video chatting tools like Skype and Facetime might perhaps have led to more and more people going under the knife.
The last bit of trivia might be an exaggeration but I do definitely notice that people who are hyper connected digitally have most certainly gotten more aware of their looks and especially their flaws and at all times busy accentuating what they think make their appearance more appealing and hiding the slightest hint of flaw.

The emphasis is on the total personality. Till recently, it was only about the conversations one had online - what one said, what one liked and shared was important. Now, the focus is equally on the face I put forth.  Its no longer good enough to look good in person but also choose clothes, hairstyles make up and other accessories which accentuate the personality one wants to portray in the digital world.

Interestingly, there is a heightened knowledge of lighting - what and where should be the source of light when Skyping. The key is to look effervescent while hiding the double chin, the grey hair, slightly angular nose. The list is endless.
Apart from rehearsing presentations, the current trend is to also practice flattering angles and facial expressions for the webcam.

With increasing obsession with video devices and social media tools such as Skype, Facetime - this is an interesting trend to look out for.      

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