Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Age Recruitment

Rather uncharacteristically, I am watching the IPL auction in progress. As the process unfolds, it  triggers a thought.

This is 2016. Most people who are really good at their work, no longer want to work for an organisation. 24 year olds today prefer to throw caution in the wind and either freelance or set up their own companies to offer some crazy service or product. Some succeed. But those who don't,  seldom hesitate to start all over again. But none of them ever want to join a regular workforce if they can help it as they consider a regular 10 to 6 job a compromise choice.

While I salute the hungry go-getters, as a manager, I worry. A year or two down the line where will we get good talent who make all the difference?  Perhaps, the corporate world too will have to bid for talent in an auction on a project to project basis. Alternately, we will have to let our best talents take leave for three months to work on a project of their choice in any company who will 'buy' them for the season.

Will  #JobAuctions become the  next new age recruitment policy? #PointToPonder

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