Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ironical interdependences

I don't watch much television but whenever I do, my attentions peaks during commercial breaks. Occupational hazard. Being in the business, I like to watch ads. Funnily, the maximum number of television  ads these days seems to be of various e-commerce portals and mobile phone based entertainment. Yup, one needs the big screen to drive people to the smaller screens.

Drive down from Bandra to town. Perhaps the only things that outnumber potholes on busy Mumbai streets are billboards. Another occupational hazard. I focus more the billboards that the potholes. And guess what, most the billboards staring down at me are the ones urging me to rush home to watch a programme on television. They are omnipresent and inescapable- bus backs, kiosks, bus shelters - the works! The outdoor media seems to make most of their revenue by helping television channels shop for eyeballs.

Funny but true. These ironical interdependence make up much of our society today. 

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