Monday, 18 May 2015

Its not all about the idea, dummy!

Technology advancements are changing the world around us rapidly. Now we have cars that drive themselves. Refrigerators that notify us when we run out of milk. Even home security systems which inform you when your child returns home from school.

Technology is changing the way we live. That's happening because technology is not just about a brilliant idea but its a brilliant idea which leads to even greater experiences for its consumers. The crux of the brilliance of technology is user experience. 

Old school advertising agencies spend too much time dwelling on ideas and crafting them in a manner that is compelling and differentiated. We want people to remember our brand by 'watching' it on television and in print media. In order to do so, we worry about the little nuances. We worry about the execution. We worry about every little details that will make our ads memorable.

Unfortunately people have moved on. They are no longer interested in 'watching' brands. They want to 'experience' brands in every touch point. If a brilliant idea does not lend itself to a brilliant customer experience in each and every touch point, then there really is no point of a well crafted and highly differentiated idea. Agree? 

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