Monday, 23 June 2014

3 simple Twitter engagement strategies

I often hear people say that they do not like to use Twitter because it seems like a chaotic cacophony of too many people saying too many things. Moreover it is difficult to get people to follow one or have a meaningful relationship with anyone on Twitter.  

Yes it is a bit of a madness specially when you compare it to the organized chaos of Facebook but I believe there is a method in the madness. I am a big fan of Twitter and have lived and learnt a few things about how the platform works. Read on if you want to know.  

I think, to be able to use Twitter wisely, there are simply three things one must do. These are: 

1. Log in at least 3 times a day

Scan through the updates, read the relevant stuff, retweet, tweet, favourite. Let the world know you exist. Make it a habit to post something new everyday. It’s a great way to get followed and be known to people for your interests and expertise. 

2.  Reach out to your followers everyday

Make a list of your followers you want to have a meaningful dialogue with.  Everyday, initiate discussions with a couple of them, regarding anything of mutual interest. I reach out to photographers and seek their advice on techniques of better photography, complement creative people on their work and sometimes, randomly reach out to bloggers and have a discussion around their latest blogpost. There is no formula. It is just an amazing new way of connecting with people. Once you have established a personal connect, your followers will not unfollow you.  

3. Reach out to three new people everyday 

Social media, especially Twitter, is an amazing platform to get to know people you want to know. I am sure there are a 100 people you want to get to know. Reach out to them. Invite them to participate in a discussion. Reaching out to people who do not follow you is a great way to introduce yourself and expanding your network. 

Yup, it does seem like a bit of a hard work but you will be surprised how effective good twitter habits can prove to be specially if you are just starting out in life or starting a business of your own. 

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