Thursday, 26 June 2014

Getting Real

It was a Facebook post by a friend that got me thinking about careers, passions and doing things which one loves. The article said that it is an overrated concept. Is it?

Not sure. Honestly in my mind, it’s a toss up between staying awake at night strategizing to make your dreams come true and sleeping well knowing you have a world which is safe, secure and comfortable.

Doing the thing you love involves inordinately high levels of risk in terms of the bacon you bring home. You work 20 hours a day to ensure you bring home enough to cover  rents, EMIs and other necessary expenses. Putting away anything for a rainy day is a luxury and as far as luxuries go, they find a new definition in your lexicon.

But on the other hand, if you believe in your idea, no matter what the price you pay, it is a different kick to live each day hoping to get a step closer to that dream.

So, here ‘s where the question kicks in. When do you throw in the towel and get real? When do you tell yourself you are reading the signs right and when do you remind yourself, perhaps everything is alright only in your mind’s eye?

Would love to hear your opinion about dealing with start up pangs. Leave me a comment if you too are faced with a similar dilemma or have an answer for certain. 

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