Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Proudly Imperfect!

As the calendar changed from 2013 to 2014, there was flurry of articles predicting the trends in the coming year. Technology trends, consumer trends, food trends, holiday trends and what have you!  One trend that stuck in my head was about consumers choosing imperfection over mechanised perfection that the world is used to. JWT intelligence   explains that people want to connect to the more human side of things and people which is what imperfection offers.

In a recent research conducted by our company Bright Angles Consulting, we spoke to people across age groups and interestingly, even these consumers played back that they valued raw honesty above all else. They don’t want brands to paint an ideal world or project themselves as perfect. They want to see a world where one is in acceptance of another person’s imperfection.

Look around and you will notice that the craving for acceptance of imperfection, gritty reality, raw honesty is everywhere. It is this craving which makes films such as Lunch Box a must watch film, Kangana Ranaut’s interview a refreshing conversation and Supreme Court’s ruling on Article 377 a passionate flash point even amongst people who identify themselves as straight.

What about the world of branding? Is there any brand today that stand for a world which is sans bullshit, sans make believe, sans perfection? Is any brand today willing to stand up today and say, buy me though I am not perfect? If not, I wonder why!  

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