Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There's nothing comfortable about the comfort zone!

In the last ten days, I watched two hindi movies - Queen and English Vinglish (yes, I must have been the last person on earth to have watched English Vinglish) and an English Movie - Annie Hall (Yes, I must have been the last Woody Allen fan to have watched the film!) Coincidentally, all three films though set in different times, had the same underlying subtext! All three talk about women and their ability to transform from self doubting janes to confident and independent women by stepping out of their comfort zones.

My take out from these three films is that there is actually nothing comfortable about the 'comfort zone'. It is a cage created by our minds to provide an unfounded sense of security. It is dark, dingy and musty. It does not have a window through which hope shines through. It does not have a dance floor to do the victory dance. All it has is a large door which is bolted all the time to keep away possibilities, fear of failure, fear of alienation etc etc. (You get the gist, don't you?)  

It took me about forty years to realize that moments of awkwardness and moments of discomfort are growth fuels. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and running away from them, our ability to get them in our stride is what finally makes dreams come true. Finally makes magic happen. Finally helps one fly.

Currently I am looking back and feeling rather foolish at all the times when opportunity came knocking at that big door of my comfort zone and I turned it away. But thank god for that one time when I did step out of that door. That was the step I took to set up Bright Angles Consulting.

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