Thursday, 30 May 2013

137 million Indians connected online

Once again Mary Meeker is back with her insights and facts about the Internet and Mobile. 

Here are some interesting findings: 

Internet in India
  • 137 million users 
  • 26% Y/ Y growth 
  • 11% penetration 

  • 67 million smartphone users
  • 52% Year on Year growth 
  • 6% penetration 
Other interesting facts

Mobile internet access has surpassed PC access in China 
  • Internet access through PC has declined from 96% (2006) to 71%. 
  • Internet access via mobile phones have jumped to 75% 


South Korea are using their mobiles more than PCs for search 

Tablet shipment has surpassed both, desktops and laptops 

Smartphone users reach out for their phones 150 times a day
  • Text more than call 
  • Checks social media and uses camera almost in equal measures

Technology which is wearable, flyable, drivable and scannable are the latest trends. Move over smartphones and tablets

Read the full report here  

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