Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Are you annoying people with your posts?

According to a recently concluded survey by in the UK, people find the following posts most annoying:

1. Bragging fitness addicts and dieters (What would we do without these virtuous posts?!)

2. People who share pictures of every meal they eat. ( I am partially guilty of this myself)

3. Cryptic status writers who posts vague or mysterious updates and when quizzed more about the status,
     usually say they don't want to talk about it! (Everyone likes to seek attention. Some do it through 
     their posts. It's ok) 

4. People who posts updates on everything their child does. (We like what your kids do but perhaps a   
    little less frequency will help)

5. 'Checker inners' who insist on posting every restaurant, cafe, airport, cinema, conference they visit
(Come on, don't be a spoil sport. Half the pleasure of these mundane check ins are to annoy you!!)   

6. Self promoters who see every post as an opportunity to win a customer for their business (You would so understand the need to do so if you were an entrepreneur!) 

Funnily, while more than a 3rd who were interviewed said that they had quit a service because of these annoying posts, plenty of them confessed that they were guilty of putting up these 'irritating' posts themselves.

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