Monday, 17 December 2012

Mobile is clearly the future but is it the present?

Bollywood and cricket finally have competition. If you notice any Indian today, chances are, he is either texting, calling, surfing, searching - using his mobile phone - even while watching his favourite flick or Tendulkar's batting. But what are the chances that he is engaging with a brand using his mobile? Rather scant, I think.

The ubiquitous device which is an extension of our hearts, minds and fingers is the most important screen among the multiple screens which guide our lives today. But is it getting its fare share of attention from the marketers? I think perhaps its a bit of a neglected area. While there is unanimity on its growing importance, specially in the future but currently I sense a hesitation to invest into a mobile strategy to utilize its full potential, today. And I wonder why. 

Could it possibly be because we are still grappling with the full potential of the internet through desktop and don't want to move to the next thing without completing our understanding? 

But these are 2 mutually exclusive media. Desktop marketing tactics, differ from mobile marketing just like outdoor media differs from television. They could help a marketer to meet completely different objectives in absolutely different time frames. 

While a mobile strategy can help in building awareness like every other medium, but it can best help to deliver results in the area of customer acquisition. Today, search is one of the top 3 activities in mobile interactions and if google's Marissa Mayer is to be believed, about 40% of search on Google are for local things.People on mobile devices are seeking and interacting with things around them. 

 If that be so, the key opportunity of mobile marketing lies in delivering highly contextual and relevant information that directly engages individual customers.  

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