Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mind blowing social media statistics

Here are some terrific social media statistics put together by Eric Qualman, the author of Socialnomics.

But before you press the play button, here is a thought I want to leave you with.

Eric says that social media is not a fad but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and the social media ROI for a company is the business's existence after 5 years. I think all of us agree with him. But I have a question which I would like to ask the marketers, specially in India - why are we so hung up on numbers and not spending adequate resources (people, time or money) to get a real understanding of our consumer's behaviour online?

I rarely come across any insightful discussions on what makes people 'like' a brand, share an experience, help a digital friend test drive a car or repeatedly buy shoes from an online portal. Should we not look at our customers (or fans if you like) as people first and stats later? Should we not base our digital strategies on insights based on our understanding of motivators and barriers rather than inferences drawn from only numbers? How do we arrive at a strategy without eves dropping  on online conversations or spending time with their digital artifacts?  

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Enjoy the video while I thank Eric for sharing this fabulous video with us.

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