Monday, 12 November 2012

day in the life of a mobile user

7 AM : Wake up with an alarm app on mobile.

7:30 AM:  Stop hitting the snooze button to check out Facebook while sipping cup of tea.

8:15 AM : Quickly scan through news headlines on mobile twitter app.

9 AM: While getting into the car, scan through the day's schedule on the mobile calendar

9: 05 AM: Check route and traffic status to the client's office using a map app

9:25 AM : Update traffic status between Bandra and Powai on twitter while driving

12:20 PM: Use the chat app, WhatsApp to update colleague about the meeting

12:35 PM:  Look for a lunch deal while driving back to work - Zomato app to the rescue

1: 15 PM : While standing in the elevator queue, drown self in important tasks which run the economy - pay electricity bill, mobile bill and buy movie ticket for evening

1:25 PM On reaching office desk, the depressive environment prompts a quick walk to the pantry for a cup of coffee and a Tripadvisor scan to plan next holiday

2:30 PM : Destination found, ticket booked  between finishing coffee, reading mails and updating facebook status

2:32 PM : Ask boss for leave via BBM (bad mistake!)

2:35 PM:  Boss reads message message but does not respond.

2:52 PM Keep staring at the BBM screen for a response for 20 minutes but no luck (bad feeling at the pit the stomach)

2:55 PM Frustrated, start walking back to desk while looking up a new job on linkedin...