Monday, 17 September 2012

rambling thoughts behind the faces@mumbai streets

                                        Perhaps if I tug hard enough,
                                        I will be able to change your mind
                                        about getting me that ice cream
                                        about not educating me enough
                                        about getting me married as soon as I reach puberty
                                        about giving me a chance 
                                        to live my life as I please. 

While money never buys me what I really need. but I pray  that every rupee I earn,just moves me a step away from my reality. 

I am enjoying life 
so what if everyday and every moment is an endless strife

she prays at the alter, she prays to the sea
dear god almighty, let my daughter grow up to be nothing like me. 

We lead our separate lives,
and go our different ways
cause we don't see eye to eye
and we cant stand face to face
 - Allen Parsons Project

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